• Capital: Minsk
  • Population: 9,481,000
  • Area: 207,595 square km
  • Borders with: Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine
  • A Partnership and Cooperation Agreement that was negotiated in 1995 was never signed
  • The EU’s bilateral assistance programme for Belarus currently has three priority areas: regional development, environment, and social inclusion (vocational education and training)
  • Belarus does not have visa liberalization with the EU, but negotiations on visa facilitation and readmission agreements  started in 2014, with the prospect of a signing in 2015
  • The EU and Belarus have not yet negotiated either an Association Agreement or a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area
  • Belarus does not have an IBM Strategy, but under the Eastern Partnership Flagship Initiative on Integrated Border Management, it is taking part in a number of IBM-related projects with the EU, such as the EaP-IBM Capacity Building Project.